An unexpected Athens Yarn Store

Sometimes yarn stores appear out of nowhere, as if through the wardrobe into Narnia!  No sooner than I started out on a food tour of Athens this summer, suddenly we were walking through a fabric district.  Although most stores were for everyday textiles, one yarn store appeared on my route. 

My excursion was taking a quick pit stop to taste something, which was going to take a few minutes, so I had a chance to run back the couple of blocks to see if the yarn store was still open, as it was coming up to lunchtime. 

There were a couple of customer trickling in and out.  The store is quite big and is a jumble of textiles, yarns, cottons and embroidery thread. 

The main yarn stash was in a separate room on the right of the main door.  The help desk was in a different room where two women were helping another customer. 

I was looking for some sock yarn as it has multiple purposes for me: not only socks, but also simple mitre-squared blankets and an extendable all-in-one granny square blanket (I just love the task of making blankets/afghans).  The women serving appeared to be slightly taken aback that a solo male was in the store (rather than a guy there supporting his wife).  However, one of them rallied and came to help me find the stock they had of sock yarns.  

There was a really gorgeous olive green cashmere-inspired sock yarn in large balls, sufficient for a decent pair of large socks.  While I was there, I had a quick rummage through the deals and found two smaller balls of sock yarn that will suffice for a blanket square or two. 

I felt I was dealt with politely at all times; just that perhaps a guy showing up to buy sock yarn on a 95 degree summer afternoon was less than usual.  

This store is worth checking out if you’re in Athens for a visit.  It’s the kind of place that probably has everything, but you will need help to find specific items beyond the main yarns on display.  

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