Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Clue 2

If you hadn’t spotted that I am writing about Bonnie Hunter’s Good Fortune Mystery Quilt, you might want to start with Clue 1!

Clue #2

The theme for the second clue was blues and neutrals. I have a LOT of blue. Really, I have a lot of different shades of blue. I gathered together some shades that appealed to me and got them ready for a picture. That’s variety!

A series of fat quarters in shades and patterns of blue.

What I had in mind was a mix of solids and small patterned blues. I’m happy with it, although that pattern at the top right has quite a lot of green in it.

Half-Square Triangles

Clue #2 called for half-square triangles and there are a lot of ways to make those. My favourite method is called the Magic 8, but the pattern designer, Bonnie Hunter, provides details on how to get very accurate cuts out of strip piecing and other options. See the bottom of this page for a link.

The Magic 8 method of half-square triangles

In the first clue, I was concerned that my piecing would end up the wrong size and I used a sliver trimming method to get accuracy. With this clue, I paid better attention and my pieces came out at exactly the right size! Just some little dog ears to trim down!

The Magic 8 square after cutting.

Below is my pile of ironed, but not yet trimmed, half-square triangles. That’s a job for tomorrow.

A heap of untrimmed half-square triangles

Aren’t those prints nice? I really love the one on top – it’s a kind of royal blue with a hint of indigo in there.

Yes! There are a lot of pieces for this clue. I’d better get to trimming off those dog ears before Clue #3 comes out. Good luck to everyone doing this mystery quilt. I saw a lot of posts on Instagram. If you want to catch up with me there, it’s @patrickquilts or just click here. See you next time!

Ironed half-square triangles ready to be trimmed.

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Disclaimer

Please note: I worked on this in 2018/19, so the pattern is now available for purchase from Bonnie‚Äôs website. Click here to be brought to that page (this is NOT an affiliate link). I have not included any finished sizes or piece counts in this blog.

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