Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Clue 3

This week I leave for a holiday in Spain, but I completed Clue #3 of the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt completed before packing began! If you’ve not had a chance to catch up, you can find Clue #1 here and Clue #2 here.

I realised that I had an Accuquilt die that would help me with cutting out the pieces that I needed. I don’t discuss sizes and piece counts here, see the link at the bottom of this page to the pattern from Quiltville.

Stash Diving

I didn’t have a lot of green scraps in my stash, so I really had to dive in deep to pull options that had ‘some’ green in there. I strip-cut anything suitable that I could find on the Accuquilt and went into this Good Fortune Mystery Quilt design.

Any extra strips will come in handy for another project! Waste not, want not! I love to put things back into my stash to be found years later! Are you like that?

There is a LOT of variety in this. That strip on the bottom looks very dark, but it’s just a dark green. I was taking photos at night with limited lighting in my sewing space.

Persistence is the key

I do find that Bonnie Hunter designs with a LOT of small pieces (and she should never apologise for that, it’s a vibe!). When you work on quilts after work, like I do, I find I need to come to it with patience and persistence. Take your time, do what you can before the snores overtake you!

In this clue for the Good Fortune mystery quilt, I needed to cut greens and neutrals. I managed to get them all done!

I just realised that the photo above looks like I cut my squares from one single neutral! However, I used so many scraps up on these neutrals, they’re in hiding!

There’s some of them! A few years back, I built up my stash with some offcuts from cotton shirt making from a factory in England to which a friend had access. As a result, I had heaps of white, off-white, yellowish-white… whatever was in fashion that year in formal shirts! And they sold that by the kilo! It’s long gone now!

Playing Catch-up

While I was in the mood, and I’d made all of my Clue 3 pieces, I was hunting around for something else to slice up. For Clue 1, I had cut and prepared only a sample amount, to see what I thought of it (check out all my Sliver Trimming here!). When I assessed my work so far, I needed a bunch more of Clue 1, so I pulled some neutrals and got those strip-sets lined up on the Accuquilt and I got them cranked through. I didn’t make any more of Clue 1, but I set up for them, once I get back from this Spanish holiday.

I was a bit worried that I’m getting behind, but I have some time next week to catch things up. I’ll be at home in the lead-up to Christmas and this will give me something to do outside of my chores (and work)!

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Disclaimer

Please note: I worked on this in 2018/19, so the pattern is now available for purchase from Bonnie’s website. Click here to visit that page (this is NOT an affiliate link). I have not included any finished sizes or piece counts in this blog.

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