Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Clue 4

If you have been following, this is Clue #4 in the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter. For links to Bonnie’s website, check out the bottom of this page, or start your catch-up on my experience so far with Clue #1, Clue #2 or Clue #3.

Time for Orange Fabrics

About two years ago, I worked on a different quilt, Celtic Solstice, which had heaps of ‘Irish’ colours (green, white, orange and blue). I didn’t know back then quite how to buy *just enough* fabric, so my stash is rammed with every shade of orange!

I can’t claim that I have finished Clue #3 in its entirety, but when a new clue comes out, you’ve got to get it started, right?! At least, I’m proud that Clues 1 and 2 are finished and stacked ready for combining when we see the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt reveal. That happens right at the end of the clue-release mystery saga!

Good Fortune Mystery: String Piecing

This clue calls for string piecing, which is one of my absolute favourite techniques.  This hack uses a light paper (say from an unused phone book), cut to a specific size (or at least larger than the shape you intend to cut from the finished piece). The point of this technique is to stabilise strings or crumbs of fabric that you sew together to create a new piece of fabric.

Effectively, you are making new fabric out of the remnants of difficult-to-use leftover strips and strings and giving it a whole new purpose! Plus the new fabric you get to create is as unique and beautiful as you choose to make it!

My Irish Studio

Below is the set up of my crafting studio in Ireland.  I’ve fitted a new carpet (well, the carpet guy did that) and added a bigger (and steadier) table. Next, I brought in an old television that was hanging around but which is capable of showing Netflix or Prime. On the table is a spare iron and a little ironing mat that I picked up at a quilt show.

Clue 4 Finish!

In the photo below are my finished strip pieces for Clue #4. I like how the different shades and shapes of what I called “orange fabric” have come together. There’s deep yellow through to a kind of burnt orange. That gives some tonal variation that pleases my eyes! For sizes and numbers, see Bonnie’s website (linked at the end of this page).

String Frenzy

Oh! And look what came in the mail!  My friend Michael gifted me Bonnie’s latest book, String Frenzy. There’s bound to be a quilt or two made from this next year.

My nose is back to the grindstone between working and quilting. I have one more quilt to finish before Christmas 😱! Add that to the pile of THREE others that need to get finished and maybe I’ve bitten off a little too much!

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Disclaimer

Please note: I worked on this in 2018/19, so the pattern is now available for purchase from Bonnie’s website. Click here to be brought to that page (this is NOT an affiliate link). I have not included any finished sizes or piece counts in this blog.

7 thoughts on “Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Clue 4”

  1. Nice to meet you, Patrick, and to read your blog posts. Clue 4 was such fun after the tedium of Clue 3! I have no idea how all these units will fit together . . . I got an email saying my copy of String Frenzy is en route. A Christmas present for me!

    • Hi Nann, thanks for replying! I agree – I’ve still not quite finished Clue 3 :). Still a few more to go!
      I admire those who try to put things together to see what the units will be like! I’m happy to wait and enjoy the unveiling!

    • Hi Lisa, my units are very happy – I love the combination of oranges with some yellow as it really makes the colours pop a little more. Maybe the big reveal will take place with Friday’s clue? Or maybe after Christmas, who knows?! (Well, Bonnie does, I guess!)


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