Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Clue 5

I am writing this post right after Christmas 2018. So much delicious food that I’m bursting at the seams!

Clue 5 was a great clue to do over the holiday season – except I still had a LOT of work to do on Clue 3! To find out what I’m talking about, you might want to start with Clue #1. There’s a link at the end of this page about the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt and how to buy it from the creator, Bonnie Hunter. Now let’s get into it!

Clue 5

This clue brings together two colours into my favourite combination: blue and orange. Look at that beautiful fox fabric in the picture below!

On the right of the picture above, you’ll see little slivers of fabric. For piecing which I find a little more difficult, I cut the fabric a touch bigger than the clue or pattern asks for and then trim the finished piece back. Quilt teachers do provide ways of trying to get things perfect first time by adjusting the quarter inch very slightly, along which you sew. I played around with the position and location of the line of stitching in relation to the needle and sometimes I just can’t get it right. Squaring up afterwards isn’t such a big drama.

Two heaps: one with right-hand side orange triangles and one with left-hand side orange triangles. I wonder how they will play when the layout of the mystery quilt is revealed?!

There is nothing quite so pleasing as a heap of finished, trimmed pieces ready to be laid out in bigger blocks and eventually in the quilt top.

Finishing up other clues

Luckily, I’m off work this week and that has given me time to tidy up the other clues. I thought I was a little further along than I was. More sliver trimming on Clue #3.

This clue seemed to have a lot more parts than I expected. You can see the green squares and chevron parts in the picture below.

I thought I was all set and just remembered I had a few sneaky units to make to finish up Clue #1. Patience is the right approach.

The next clue, #6, may be the last, but I will be away in Los Angeles on my big winter vacation.

I hope you’re enjoying this quilt, if you’re playing along now or later, and that you’re inspired to take part in one of Bonnie’s Mystery Quilts in the future!

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt: Disclaimer

Please note: I worked on this in 2018/19, so the pattern is now available for purchase from Bonnie‚Äôs website. Click here to be brought to that page (this is NOT an affiliate link). I have not included any finished sizes or piece counts in this blog.

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