Winter Granny Square Afghan – Part 1

Do you tend to take a crafty turn each December? I know I do… there’s something about the cooler temperatures and the pressing deadline for Christmas gifts! Crochet fits the bill as a winter craft – it works up fast and a granny square afghan is the perfect option for getting some contrasting colours working together. I would love to tell you that I am making this as a gift, but to be honest I have a habit of gifting crochet gifts and don’t own one of my own creations. A few years ago, I made an afghan using a deep green Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed aran and I dream of making something similar now. The problem is, I can’t remember what pattern I used.

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6 granny squares laid out in contrasting colours.

Debbie Bliss

I was recently given some yarn and I had a mash-mash of Debbie Bliss cashmerino blends in my stash to use up. The colours I had on hand are not super matchy-matchy and it’s very my style to mix things up. See what happens. There is at least a tonal variety that incorporates a light, a dark and a mid-tone.

9 granny squares laid out in noughts and crosses.

Granny Square Afghan: Positive/Negative

The second thing that I’m playing with in this afghan is reversing the colour order. This kind of positive/negative colouring makes the layout play super nicely and catches the eye. The lilac cashmerino has sufficient contrast alongside the light cream shade, at least for my preference. Some of you will find the deep navy a distraction, but I like navy alongside green and lilac. Maybe that’s just a preference thing!

A big batch of granny squares laid out on the floor.

I’m now hoping I have enough of each colour to make a big granny square afghan! Otherwise, you’ll be looking at a very small baby blanket. Anyone having a baby?!!

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