Hexie Design or Afterthought?

Do you start every hexie project with a hexie design or afterthought? Whoever said that EPP Hexie quilts go on forever (EPP = English Paper Piecing) was 100% right!  You can see in the picture below one that I started in 2017 when I was travelling through New Zealand and needed a hand-piecing project.  Here is a review of the shop where I bought my supplies, or you can find them on Facebook.

French General by Moda

I like the faded blues, reds and creams of French General by Moda and this reminds me of faded French fabrics in bric-a-brac shops.

Design or Afterthought?

It takes a few hours to make each of the petals that make up the 6-part stars in the picture above. I used hexies to construct these. A hexie (short for hexagon) is sewn around a piece of card. I remove the cards later. This work is detailed (and I picked small hexies, which was foolish).

I did not design the leaves, nor the petals in advance. In a sense, I really wish I had drawn this out in advance. I locked myself into the design once I’d made the first leaf.

One potential layout

I had the sense that the layout would ‘speak to me’ when I had a few of the star ‘petals’ ready. That happened, if at the same time my options were limited! ┬áThis will be a wall hanging consisting of 4 stars, in the formation below.


Could this work? What would it look like? My biggest concern with hexies is how to finish them (knife-edge turning or some other solution). Do you have any experience with them? Please let me know!

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