Perfect is the Enemy of Good – new social media

Have you heard the phrase ‘Perfect is the Enemy of Good’? I have delayed, shilly-shallied and prevaricated about sharing my projects on social media. More on that in a minute.

In short, I set up a new YouTube and Instagram presence for all my crafting exploits! These are ways to hear about what you’re up to and (I hope) start some crafty conversations. I haven’t uploaded very much to the YouTube channel, although I have scraps and bits of videos stored in all kinds of places about all the crafts I love to do. There’s a fun future task to be done!

The links are below if you want to come say hi – I will follow you back, if your account is not set to private.


Perfect is the enemy of good

I said in an Instagram story earlier that I hadn’t been brave enough to post things too much before. No, it’s not because I’m a guy. When I lived in England, I was in the Quilters’ Guild and was often the only man at events. The challenge is that there are so many talented quilters and crafters out there, what could I bring to the world of sharing craft projects online that would be of interest to others?

There are two things going on that feel contradictory. First, I trained in traditional media right out of college and that work relied on never being the expert, just working to highlight the expert. Second, social media can feature both experts and everyday crafters. I have a travel vlog and I learned people sometimes want the host to be an expert, but most often follow me because I’m an ordinary person having my experience about travel.

If I follow my training, my craft exploits don’t have the perfection of an expert, but they are good enough to want to share about. There is room for both expert and ordinary crafters like me. So let’s not allow Perfect to rule us out of having crafty fun.

In that spirit, why not read more about my projects: quilting, knitting and crochet?

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