Shopping at Patchwork Passion, Auckland

Near where I was staying in Hillsborough, Auckland, at the start of my New Zealand trip was Onehunga Mall.  Since I started a Masters degree in 2017, I found myself unable to do much quilting, which is a passion that I developed from about 2011.

The Mad Butcher in Auckland

Onehunga Mall

I decided to walk there.  I had to laugh at some of the vendors… I’m not sure I’d buy meat from someone who self-declares as mad!

A typical covered mall in Auckland showing the St Vincent de Paul shop.

Onehunga Mall had a good range of shops, mainly discount stores and the occasional charity store.  I noticed that – throughout NZ and Australia – Salvation Army stores were everywhere, with just a few SVP shops.  There was nothing I needed there, so on I walked, getting in my 10k steps!

Patchwork Passion, Auckland

A wall display of embroidery floss in dozens of bright colours

I had found out about Patchwork Passion online – here’s their website. I wrote to Robyn to check if she kept hexie paper pieces in stock for a hexie hand-project and she responded to me within the day.

A packed sales corner at Patchwork Passion in Auckland

She had a lot of great stock, including a fantastic iron bedstead laid out with what I think was a BOM (block of the month) quilt kit.

A bed covered with a quilt at Patchwork Passion Auckland

Paper Piecing Supplies

Perhaps foolishly, I had decided not to take any hand-quilting/paper piecing supplies with me on the trip, but found myself itching to create something in my leisure moments.  While I enjoy screen time, I don’t always want to fill that with watching TV.

The fabric cutting table at Patchwork Passion Auckland

I love all the room for the cutting table!  Giving me inspiration for creating a nice bench like that.

A display of quilting notions at Patchwork Passion

Behind every bookshelf was another well-organised group of treats!  I needed some embroidery needles (check) and did I need cotton or polycotton for piecing hexies?  Robyn was on hand to advise that poly would hold better.

Pre-cut fat quarters shown on a white shelving unit

I picked out a small range of fat quarters in French Lieutenant red, white and blue.  I’ve always wanted to do a red, white and blue quilt in muted colours, in the style of an Americana quilt (not a British/French nationalistic quilt, nor indeed American in that sense).

Robyn & Practicality

I also needed a small rotary cutter but Robyn had no small cutting mats. What to do?  Never fear, next thing, Robyn was rummaging through a cupboard at the back of her classroom. She pulled out out a well worn large mat which had cracked a little.  However, the corner was in perfect shape, not used at all. She cut off a piece for me just the size I needed (and for nothing!).  What a star!

I’m unsure if my hexie quilt will end up being a quilt or a wallhanging, because I chose very small hexie papers, meaning it could take a lifetime to complete as a quilt.  My major concern is how to finish the edges on a hexie quilt.  More research needed on that one!

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the lovely Robyn! If you’re in Auckland, pay her a visit!

Robyn, who runs Patchwork Passion in Auckland

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