Lemoyne Star for Lexie’s Quilt

Today’s post is a video link showing how I make a Lemoyne Star quilt for Baby Lexie!

In a normal year, I make anywhere between 5 and 10 quilts. Some move quickly through the process and others take a LOT longer. The Lemoyne Star quilt that I made for Baby Lexie took a bit longer than 6 months to complete. Not 6 months of effort, of course, but a bunch of Christmas gifts got in the way and I ended up moving more slowly with this one.

The design is based on a Lemoyne Star but is otherwise my own design and uses fabrics and colours that made me think about or reminded me of the recipient’s family! I used an Accuquilt Go to pre-cut my Lemoyne Star pieces. You can find the exact product I use on Amazon by clicking here.

Longer Video

This IS a longer video, combining a little bit of tutorial/how to with some silent (ASMR) periods where the work is carried out. It’s longer than I normally do at nearly 45 minutes, but I think this slower pace reflects something of the peaceful and constructive nature of producing quilts.

If you would like to see the finished object, scroll to the last minute or so of the video. Now I just need to build up the bravery to take this quilt to the post office (I’ve not been to the post office since lockdown!)


If you’re interested in seeing the Essential Quilting Supplies that I use every day, I have a list on my Craft Supplies page (click here).

To see the Accuquilt Go that I use in my video on Amazon, just click here.

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