Discover the Best Places to Buy Yarn in Gothenburg, Sweden

Travelling as much as I do makes finding time to quilt more of a problem due to the size of the equipment, meaning handwork, particularly knitting and crochet, is easier to pack in your day-bag. All three crafts are integral parts of Sweden’s cultural fabric and have long and enduring histories. The presence of so many crafting resources in big cities is heart warming and I was so delighted to find out more about Gothenburg’s vibrant yarn scene.

Why Gothenburg, Sweden is a Must-Visit for Yarn Lovers

Nestled on Sweden’s west coast, Gothenburg is renowned for its rich arts and crafting community. The city hums with a culture around knitting, evidenced by the numerous stores, classes and communities that exist around crafting. The yarn stores are such high quality and it seemed to me to cater to everyone from novices to seasoned experts. That’s something of a testament to Gothenburg’s deep-rooted fiber arts traditions.

Best Yarn Stores in Gothenburg

For a recent trip to Göteborg (as it’s called in Swedish), I did some research into the best yarn stores in town. I had a particular Norwegian yarn brand in mind, but what I saw across the board will answer your needs for wool, delicate alpaca or soft cottons. Each of the stores has some unique characteristics that will make it special for different crafters.

Broderi & Garn

Address: Drottninggatan 31, 411 14 Göteborg

A friendly welcome in this two-room supplier of yarns, notions and accessories. Very busy and right in the centre of the city. I spent most time here – see my purchases below.

Sonja Yarn

Address: Hjalmar Brantingsgatan 19, 417 39 Göteborg

Although temporarily closed during my visit, Sonja Yarn is the most warmly-reviewed yarn shop in Gothenburg simply because of the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff. Pretty much anything you need yarn-related.

G-B:s Yarn

Address: Göteborgsvägen 25, 431 30 Mölndal
Click here for the website (in Swedish)

Both a physical and online store with a strong range of yarns – I counted over 15 brands in stock at any one time. I liked the samples hanging on the walls: gives a very tactile insight into the fabric that popular yarns will knit up. Very highly rated for its community connection.

Navigating Your Yarn Purchase in Gothenburg

I’ve learned over the years to think about what I need for my project before I go to the store. I admit that doesn’t always mean that I don’t come home with extra goodies! Here’s my advice to make the most of your yarn shopping experience in Gothenburg. Start by considering what your project needs, but keep a little bit of wiggle room to hear advice. I found the staff incredibly helpful and I wanted to include Scandinavian yarns in my project. They were able to direct me to options and colours that I might not have otherwise considered. Plus, take it easy, the Swedish love a ‘fika’ break (for coffee and cake). Use your time to enjoy your shopping experience and get in that delicious cinnamon bun!

My Gothenburg Yarn Haul

You might not be able to make it out, but on the right side of the yarn wall is an entire section of very colourful Rauma Garn yarns. For my project, I wanted some of the Rauma Finull PT2 options. I couldn’t quite see that label so I took some options to the cash desk in the back, where staff members were helping others with questions. I waited my turn patiently, as an intense conversation was going on, I think about the merits of a particularly difficult stitch.

I learned that Rauma Finull PT2 is now slightly rebranded more simply as Rauma Finull and this was in fact what I wanted. I’d never seen so many colours in the flesh, so to speak! I had to put back some of my initial pick, as I was travelling with hand luggage only and the point of my visit to was get more neutrals for (another) mitre square blanket I’m working on.

If you can make it out in the picture above, my haul included oatmeal variations, a little bit of demin and some deep yellow-orange which is just gorgeous in real life. I can post the colour references if you’re interested in that (just let me know in the comments). A very successful trip to this Gothenburg yarn store!


Gothenburg really does seem to have a vibrant crafting culture and a decent smattering of bricks and mortar yarn stores with high quality products. That’s not so common and it’s a real draw for me to revisit the city. If you’re knitting a scarf, crocheting a blanket, or even quilting a masterpiece, consider these yarn stores if you intend to visit Gothenburg for a trip. And when you do, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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What’s your favorite yarn store in Gothenburg? Have I missed any? Do you have any tips or suggestions to share with fellow crafters? Maybe a picture of your latest yarn haul or project? I’d love to hear your experiences, as each one of us adds a unique thread to the beautifully woven fabric of our crafting community. So, grab your needles, pick your yarn, and let’s continue crafting in a world where everyone feels included. Happy crafting!

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